Zwift update May 19 2021

Today Zwift have released the monthly update, and this time with a cool surprise… hint a new world ;-).

Okay let’s start with all the goodies;

New things

  • Added the Bridgestone RS9s bike
  • Added Roval Rapide CLX Wheelset
  • Added new Workout of the Week workouts
  • Added the Voxwomen Tour 2021 workouts (three in total)
  • TrainingPeaks users can now sync workouts built with duration and percentage of threshold pace

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts, etc.) have been added or updated
  • Fixed a bug which could cause podcast audio to fail to play on iOS / AppleTV devices
  • Fixed bugs that would cause workout information to appear in the wrong place when completing multiple activities in a single session
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Wattbike users from seeing the Wattbike kit in game
  • Fixed a bug causing UI to not be visible in Repack Ridge when riding a KICKR Bike
  • Fixed a naming issue with the ZIPP 353 wheelset in the drop shop and garage
  • Fixed typos in workouts for Zwift Academy Tri 2020
  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong textures to be used for wheels in the drop shop
  • Fixed a bug that would cause misalignment between the rear wheel and the bike frame in the drop shop
  • Fixed bugs where “Event is Starting”, “CALORIES”, and “ADD A TARGET” text was not localized
  • Fixed a crash for ANT+ users with Elite devices
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to set their name as a simple space character
  • Fixed a bug on Android where some Bluetooth UI text was not properly localized
  • Fixed a bug causing some objects to appear in places where they should not
  • Fixes a bug causing Road Feel to not work correctly for Tacx Neo 2T trainer users
  • Fixed a bug for Zwifters using Zwift Companion device pairing when returning to the home screen
  • Fixed a bug causing invisible riders and runners on the Figure 8 route in Watopia
  • Reduced the memory usage of in-game leaderboards
  • Fixed a crash for Zwifters using a CompuTrainer

Note; this update will not be instantly available on every device, except for PC and Mac

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