Zwift update 17-12-20


New Routes in Watopia: Zwift have added 4 new routes to Watopia which utilize newly discovered roads, both paved and unpaved, and feature 4 new badges to collect.

  • Serpentine 8 – A winding jungle path dedicated to an ancient deity. This route is 19.3km/12.0mi with an elevation gain of 205.7m/675ft.
  • Beach Island Loop – A brisk loop around the Beach Island. Don’t feed the sea lions! This route is 12.7km/7.9mi with an elevation gain of 47.85m/157ft.
  • Two Bridges Loop – A tight, scenic loop featuring the Italian villa and two bridges. This route is 6.8km/4.2mi with an elevation gain of 79.9m/262ft.
  • Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop – Explore beaches, volcanoes and a precarious cliffside. This route is 19.0km/11.8mi with an elevation gain of 155.8m/511ft.
    (Note: These new routes are available for free ride today, and will become available for events and Meetups next week.)

FutureWorks Run Pace Partners will hit Watopia next week.

  • Alton Able is an A category runner who will keep a spirited pace of 14.6kph/9.1mph (4:07/km, 6:36/mi) around the Dust in the Wind route.
  • Billie Benoit is a B category runner and loves the Big Loop route, targeting a speed of 11.9kph/7.4mph (05:03/km, 08:06/mi).
  • Cara Cadence is a C category runner holding a speed of 9kph/5.6mph (06:40/km, 10:43/mi) around the Sands & Sequoias route.
  • Dax Diesel is a D category runner who feels most at home on Jon’s Route at a conversational 7.2kph/4.5mph (08:20/km, 13:24/mi).

Missions and Programs

Tour de Zwift 2021 kicks off January 4th and will include 8 stages across multiple worlds within Zwift. We’ve added a number of items to support the program (kits, arches, rewards, etc.).

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts) have been added or updated
  • Made adjustments to how shadows are rendered in game to improve performance for high attendance events
  • ANT+ library updated to version 3.5 on MacOS
  • New telemetry added for MacOS bluetooth disconnect/reconnect events to help track down bugs
  • Improved Bluetooth pairing for the Elite Sterzo across all platforms
  • The Elite Sterzo Smart will now attempt to reconnect if the signal is lost without the user needing to enter the pairing screen
  • Added support for the Tacx Boost trainer
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the rider to appear to be flying when the rider came into view
  • Fixed a crash caused at the end of a Meetup
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow for users to do a u-turn in events
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Elite Sterzo Smart to fail to pair
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the app to freeze on MacOS if the user went idle while in the pairing screen
  • Fixed a bug on Android which would cause pairing issues on the Wahoo Kickr Smart over ANT+
  • Fixed a crash for Apple Watch connected users running iOS 13

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