ZTip #1 – Start the right challenge from day 1

Zwift have a couple of challenges that you can complete, like the Ride California or climbing the Mount Everest. They are more like a long term challenge or if you really eager to do a 1200+ km ride you perhaps can do it in a day or two 😉

So basically you have 3 options (the fourth one is still pending for some time now):

  • Climb Mount Everest: Climb 8.850 m (29.028 ft)
  • Ride California: Ride 1.283 km (797 mi)
  • Tour Italy: Ride 2.000 km (1243 mi)

But there is a little catch in these challenges. Perhaps you have seen the futuristics bikes on Watopia aka “The Tron bike”.

In order to achieve the Tron bike (or it’s real name Concept Z1) you need to select and cycle up the whole 8.850 meters up Mount Everest and then continue up to another 41.150 meters until you reach the 50.000 meters and then you will get the Tron Bike, sounds easy right 😉

So in order to get the Tron bike the fastest way, just select this challenge the first thing when starting with Zwift. Because climbing mountains without selecting the Mt. Everest challenge will not help you to get the Tron bike 😉

Ride on!

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