What is Zwift?

So what’s Zwift all about? according to Wikipedia Zwift is…

Zwift is a massively multiplayer online cycling and running physical training program that enables users to interact, train and compete in a virtual world.

Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwift)

Okey so it’s a game for cyclist and runners?
Well yes, however Zwift is more than just a simple turbo trainer game where you can ride a virtual bike or run on a virtual course.

Zwift offers far more than just cycling and running around a virtual world. For example there are many training plans for starters and more advanced cyclists. Besides the training part, there a multiple events like group rides or races and many more things to explorer.

What do you need?

The hardware requirements are depending on what kind of experience you want to have, and off course your budget.
However zwifting will be hard no matter what setup you’re running 😉

Click here for more information about the hardware side of Zwift

Cycling gear

Of course you need a trainer, this could be a simple wheel on trainer or one of the fancy smart bike trainer like the Neo Bike or the Kickr Bike etc.

Supported trainers can be split in two categories, the wheel on trainers (typically much cheaper) and the Direct Drive trainers (a bit more expensive than the other category).

Zwift lists all supported wheel-on trainers over here, and all direct drive trainers over here.

Device to run Zwift

Besides a bike and trainer you need something to run Zwift on.
This could be as simple as a smartphone/tablet. However if you want to use the Zwift Companion app you will need your smartphone for this app.

Perhaps an Apple TV is the best run for you money, it fairly cheap and it’s perfect little box to run Zwift on (small note it does not support the best resolution, but it works). Or if you have a computer (gaming rig) with a dedicated graphics card that’s supported you can have the best graphics, but again it costs you more money 🙂


Besides the cost of a trainer and bike, Zwift will cost you some money at least if your a cyclist, for runners Zwift is free until running comes out of beta.

Zwift will offer a 7 days trial membership for new member, and if you have a new trainer you probably have a 1 month free membership card that comes with the new trainer.

For cyclist it will cost you around €15 per month if your live in Europe or $15 per month if your living in the US.

It’s perhaps good to know that you can stop your membership after each month, and still have your profile and everything you have earned.
So after a summer stop you can reactivate your Zwift membership and have everything back.

Ride on!

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