New world: Makuri Islands – Yumezi

Yeah new world, new roads, new routes, loads of fun 🙂

After last year’s expansion of new roads we now have a totally new world Makuri Islands and with that a new map Yumezi

So Yemezi it is 🙂 this new map has 8 different routes to ride, and is around 27 km of new roads.

The Routes

Sea to Tree

This route is only 3,3 KM but with a elevation of 107 meters. A little climb from the peaceful fishing village to the mystical tree hidden in the mountains.

Complete this route will give you 60 XP

Spirit Forest

With 8,4 KM it’s a bit longer that the first new route, and 134 meters of elevation.

The course is a figure 8 as we know from the Jungle route in Watopia, but way smaller. Visit the route during the night and you can ride with spirits…

This route give you 160 XP

Kappa Quest

This route is 9,1 km long and an elevation of 139 meters.

A scenic route filled with Temples and Shrines. And keep watching and you might see a Kappa.

This route give you 180 XP

Three Village Loop

The course is 10,6 km and 92 meters of elevation.

A little climb and a sprint section as you ride through several villages.

Completing this route gives you 200 XP points.

Two Village Loop

A semi flat route of 12,8 km and 88 meters of elevation.

This route loops around two villages including two smaller loops in each village.

Completing this route gives you 240 XP points.

Flatland Loop

This route is exact 13 km long and 99 meters of elevation, so a gentle and flat route skipping most of the climbs.

Completing this route gives you 260 XP points.

Chain Chomper

One of the longer route with 13,6 km and 184 meters of elevation.

This new route includes two K/QOM and a sprint section.

Completing this route gives you 260 XP points.

Countryside Tour

With 15,8 km and 185 meters of elevation this is the longest new route.

This route starts in the farmlands and goes up in to the mountains. It’s a full loop around Yumezi.

Completing this route gives you 300 XP.

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