New roads!

Yesterday evening we zwifters received some new road in Watopia and with that 4 new routes to ride!

Two Bridges Loop

With 6,8 km and a elevation of 80 meters this is the shortest new route.
This route is almost the same as the reverse Hilly Route but skipping the KOM.

Beach Island Loop

A bit longer with 12,8 km and 48 meter of elevation in this route.
The route looks similar to the Volcano Flat but now in reverse and skipping the southern part of the Italian village.

Oh and say hi to the beach lions who are chilling around.

Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop

With 19 km and 156 meters of elevation this is a bit larger that the previous two new routes. It’s similar to Big Loop but skipping the Jungle Route and the Epic KOM.

Serpentine 8

19,3 km and a whopping 206 meters of elevation, this is similar to the Jungle Circuit but looping in a 8 figure with the new bridge in the middle of this route.

Oh and most of this route is dirt only so a gravel/mountain bike is a must have.

Ride on!

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